A Treasure Trove of Timeless Heirloom Pieces

Revisiting a VIP Client's Home in Loyola Grand Villas: Appreciating the immense value of investing in Timeless Heirloom Furniture pieces. 

We were thrilled to have been given the opportunity to revisit the home of one of our VIP clients and what a delight it was to see how the furniture pieces we helped make many years ago, still look as awe inspiring and magnificent despite their age.  In fact, we think these pieces that were used and treasured by the  family only grew more lovely over time.  We were especially impressed by the way our Client's home really hi-lighted the design and detail of our pieces by combining it with original artwork, crystal lighting, and other family memorabilia that truly created a warm inviting ambiance when entering the home.

This formal dining welcomes you and is the perfect place to sit and dine with family and friends.

As we walked through their home, we couldn't help but feel a sense of pride and joy at seeing our furniture in such a well-loved space. 


The Formal Dining Room

Our eyes were drawn to the centerpiece of the room­- the English Chippendale Double Pedestal Dining Table. A stunning piece made from the finest timber and crafted by skilled artisans. It is paired with English Chippendale Upholstered side chairs which were also part of our collection. The chairs upholstered in luxurious woven Bordeaux stripe cut-chenille fabric and featured intricate acanthus leaf carving that added to the noble character of the room.

The formal dining room was complemented by an vintage chandelier, which cast a warm and inviting glow over the table. This gave us a glimpse into the lifestyle of our VIP client who we know love entertaining their guests. It was a delight to see how the hand carved pieces had aged so graciously over time, and become an integral part of their lives; creating memories that are timeless.



A beveled clear "ogee edge" glass top protects the dining table top but does not conceal the graceful river-like rotary cut African Mahogany grain that seemingly flows on the surface of the table.



The Practical Home Office

We were then shown the Den or Study Room, which is just a few meters away and across the dining room. This is where the family likes to catch up on some reading, wrap up some office work, or in the case of the children, do their homework.

As more people shift towards working from home, having a home office that reflects one's style of living has never been more important and we see this reflected in this much used space.




Our client’s exquisite taste in furniture was evident in the selection of the splendidly carved English Chippendale fretwork desk which we reproduced from an 18th Century Antique.

This excellent piece has a solid frame made of kiln died mahogany with a genuine full grain leather dyed through top that is hand stamped with gold foil. Like the dining table, it has a clear beveled glass top to protect it from normal wear.

The intricate fretwork bands that surround the desk are all hand carved in a chinoiserie style, reflective of the Chinese influence during that era. The Table is held up by strong curved cabriole legs that terminate in a classic ball and claw feet which is a definitive feature of Thomas Chippendale's design style.


A nearby Mahogany and glass library bookcase is where the family's book collections are stored. A Large Gentleman's swivel chair with hand tufted black leather and hand carved lions paw feet complement the Study Desk.



Another view of the stunning English Chippendale Chinoise Fretwork Desk showing its balanced form with the complementary hand tufted Gentleman's Swivel chair in the back. 


 The Elegant Bedroom

We were then guided upstairs to see the bedrooms. In the first room, we were greeted with the amazing presence of The Grand Tudor Bed. This particular manufacture had the low posts which fit the room's proportion perfectly. 




The hand carved detail on the bed's headboard as well as on the bedside chests were amazing. The soft glow of the table lamps  that cast shadows on the furniture, seemed to bring to life all the flowing detail of leaves, finials and scrolls on the framed timber panels.



Walking around this stunning home made us realize that time only made these gorgeous pieces look even more spectacular.



Front View of the Grand Tudor Headboard



The Incredible Artistry of the Limited Edition Collector's Piece

In the tradition of leaving the best for last; we were taken to the Master Bedroom to view the famous Cherub Bed. Upon entering the room, we could not help but stand in awe at the magnificence of this beautiful intricately hand carved piece of Art. Standing before it in person really makes you appreciate the meticulous attention to detail of the artisans who created it.  It seems just impressive now compared to the as the day it was created.



The Cherub Bed undoubtedly represents Artisan Luxury and Sophistication.  This bed is a true symbol of class, elegance, and fine craftsmanship.

The first thing that catches your attention is the stunning sculpture of the four women, one on each of the four corners of the bed. The center of the headboard features an exquisitely designed cherub face sculpture, thus the Bed's name. The sweeping hand carved timber foliage depicting leaves and florals drape  the crest of the headboard and footboard adding to the bed's regal aura. Crafted in 2006, this majestic bed remains a testament retaining its impeccable allure. The 23 step hand polish finish aged most gracefully and now exudes a timeless marvelous charm.



Our master artisans, guided by their unwavering dedication, breathed life into this masterpiece. It took many months to hand-carve this gorgeous bed from Mahogany solids using only traditional hand held tools.

The 23 step finish over time, now reflects signs of a subtle patina, which is characterized by a combination of matte and glossy areas akin to a museum worn French polish. This finish actually enhances the natural beauty of the wood grain.


Among the rarest of its kind, only three of these beds were ever made. With one of them found its place in the vibrant city to Las Vegas, Nevada, while another embarked on a journey to grace a Hollywood residential address in California, USA. The final piece, however, found its home here in the Philippines, in the home of our beloved client.

The exclusivity of this piece makes the Art Cherub Bed an even more coveted item among collectors of artisan furniture. These pieces are the types of artisan pieces that will become heirloom pieces and antiques in the future because they are crafted so magnificently and with proper care grow even more beautiful with age.


At Thomas & George, we take pride in creating pieces that not only look beautiful but also stand the test of time. We believe that furniture is more than just an object in your home - it is  something personal.  It becomes part of your family's history and the memories created over time. 

Through our work, we hope to inspire a deeper appreciation for Furniture Making as an Art Form, as well as to give recognition and support to the world class talents of our Local Craftsmen and Artisans.